GESTON green energy

GESTON is a company specialised in biomass renewables. We are aiming to complete the cycle of biomass production, processing and utilisation as we provide small-scale facilities for those.

Since 2008 we provide a wide variety of products related to biomass processing.

In 2011 we made yet another important step by creating our first Miscanthus plantation, which have put us among the pioneers who planted this plant in Bulgaria. The long term goal as mentioned before is to close the production cycle. GESTON is also a proud partner representing the respectable Austrian company ENERGIE pflanzen ( in Bulgaria. They are amongst the major producers of Miscanthus (elephant grass) rhizome in Europe.

We do furthermore offer the products of leading Chinese manufacturers of pellet presses and pellet processing equipment. Other producers on our distribution list are Bulgarian producers of pellet stoves, pellet burners and pellet burning chambers such as GREYKO, SUNSYSTEM and WARMTEK.

GESTON is able to supply:

  • all types of pellet processing equipment for wood, woody and non-woody biomass, hay, feedstock, fertilizers etc.
  • biomass dryers
  • pellet production lines
  • pellet stoves
  • pellet burners
  • pellet burning chambers
  • heating equipment
  • pellets from broadleaf woods, sunflower husks or mix
  • rhizomes (roots) from Miscanthus (elephant grass)
and other products related to biomass harvesting and processing.

We aim at clean planet without fossil fuels!